Ellipse Lasering System

Hair Removal ~ Thread Veins ~ Acne ~ Skin Rejuvenation

“I’m delighted with the results of my laser treatment. Following a series of treatments, the hairs are hugely reduced – nearly all of them have been permanently removed. The treatment is quick, simple and not half as painful as other treatments I’ve tried – I just wish I’d done it years ago”

It is essential that a full consultation is performed prior to any treatment and a patch test must be carried out. Patch test fee – £21.50

A course of six treatments are needed for the hair removal. If you book five treatments, you get the sixth free. Explained in full at the time of booking a consultation.

ellipse laser treatment

nb: photo modelled for demonstration only – protective goggles are worn during actual treatments.

Ellipse FAQ

What is Ellipse Light?

The Ellipse Light is a second generation Intense Pulsed Light system used for permanent hair reduction, skin rejuvenation & acne, and facial thread veins. Ellipse Light is manufactured by a company called Ellipse A/S in Denmark. The background of Ellipse is that it is the company responsible for the manufacturing and development of the gamma camera used for cancer diagnostic treatment.

The first system developed was the Ellipse Flex system used for hair removal, vascular lesion removal, photo rejuvenation and pigmented lesion removal. 2001 saw the launch of the Ellipse Light system which was developed for the beauty industry utilising the same advanced patented technology.

For more details on specific treatments we have prepared individual FAQ’s;

Post Care Instructions

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“Have just completed my third treatment for thread veins. Fantastic results, Sonya puts me at ease. My thread veins had made me very self conscious for many years and having the treatments have really improved the look of my skin – thanks Sonya!”


Safe Hair Removal:
Upper lip £40.00
Chin £40.00
Upper lip and chin £70.00
Neck £75.00
Chin and cheeks £75.00
Body Hair Removal:
Under arm £50.00
Forearm £100.00
Full arm £120.00
Regular bikini £50.00
High bikini £100.00
Lower leg (including knees) £200.00
Full leg £250.00
Facial thread veins from £50
Skin Rejuvination:
Collagen stimulation £150.00
Face neck & chest area £175.00
Pigmentation spots from £50
Acne Treatments:
Course of four treatments is needed ~ price on consultation